Assigning frequently-used functions to the MANUAL button or MANUAL ring (models with the viewfinder)

You can register your desired functions to the MANUAL button or MANUAL ring.

  1. Press and hold the MANUAL button down for a few seconds.
    • The [Manual Ring Setting] screen is displayed.
  2. Rotate the MANUAL ring and select the item to be assigned.

    Select [RESET] to reset the items adjusted manually to the default settings.

  3. Press the MANUAL button to confirm.

Items you can control with the MANUAL ring

  • [Zoom]
  • [Focus]
  • [Exposure]
  • [IRIS]
  • [Shutter Speed]
  • [AE Shift]
  • [White Balance Shift]


  • The camera data that appears on the LCD monitor will differ, depending on the recording settings of this product. The settings will be displayed on the playback screen with the following icons.
    • : Automatic
    • : Exposure is set manually.