Time-lapse Capture

What is Time-lapse Capture?

In Time-lapse Capture mode, photos are taken sequentially at regular intervals. From these photos, you can create a movie by using the application for computers PlayMemories Home.

You can express events that take place over a long time, such as the transition of the sky, and growth of plants, in a short period.

  1. - [Shooting Mode] - [Time-lapse Capture].
  2. [Time-lapse settings] - desired setting.

Descriptions of menu items

Shooting Interval:

Sets the interval of photo shooting.

  • 1 sec : Shoots photos at about 1-second intervals.
  • 2 sec : Shoots photos at about 2-second intervals.
  • 5 sec : Shoots photos at about 5-second intervals.
  • 10 sec : Shoots photos at about 10-second intervals.
  • 30 sec : Shoots photos at about 30-second intervals.
  • 60 sec : Shoots photos at about 60-second intervals.

Shot Number :

Sets the number of photos to be recorded from 1 to 999.

AE Mode :

Sets the adjusting method of automatic exposure.

  • AE Tracking : Adjusts the exposure for each shooting. Changes of the brightness can be followed smoothly.
  • AE Lock : Fixes the exposure at the beginning of the first shooting.

Capture Image Size:

Sets the image size of photos.

  • 4K: L (8.3M) : Shoots photos in 4K (3840 × 2160) size.
  • HD: S (2.1M) : Shoots photos in HD (1920 × 1080) size.


  • Images shot using Time-lapse Capture are saved on the camcorder as photos. You can create a movie from these photos by importing them to a computer, etc., and using applications such as PlayMemories Home.


  • To prevent running short of battery power, it is recommended to power the camcorder using the AC adaptor during time-lapse capture.
  • The shooting time calculated based on settings is displayed on the settings screen for Time-lapse Capture. Note that the displayed shooting time is a rough indication and the actual shooting time may vary depending on the shooting conditions.
  • There may be a case where the shooting of 1 frame takes a longer time than [Shooting Interval]. In that case, the next shooting starts right after the end of the shooting of that frame.
  • The menu screen cannot be displayed during Time-lapse Capture. When you start Time-lapse Capture while the menu screen is displayed, the screen switches to the Time-lapse Capture screen.
  • The following functions do not work during time lapse recording.
    • Face Detection
    • Red Eye Reduction
    • Power Save
    • Flash
    • SteadyShot
    • Auto Back Light
  • Part replacement due to excessive use may incur a charge.