Audio Rec Level

You can adjust the audio recording level.

  1. - [Camera/Mic] - [ Microphone] - [Audio Rec Level] - desired setting.

Descriptions of menu items

The audio recording level is adjusted automatically.
Manual ():
Adjust the audio recording level with to raise the audio recording level and to lower the audio recording level.


  • The manually set value will be reset each time you switch between [Auto] and [Manual].
  • When [Audio Rec Level] is set to [Manual], Blt-in Zoom Mic will switch to [Off].
  • It is recommended that you wear headphones to operate while checking the level.
  • When continuously recording loud sound, lower the recording level in advance to record dynamic sound.
  • The limiter is always active regardless of the setting value of the recording level.
  • When you are using a dedicated microphone that is connected with the Multi interface shoe, the recording level setting will be invalid, and you will not be able to adjust the recording level .
  • After setting [My Voice Canceling] to [On], you cannot change the audio recording level anymore.