Playing images on a TV (View on TV)

You can view images on your TV connected to the network by transferring images from this product without connecting this product and TV with a cable.

Operations may be required on your TV before playing depending on the TV you use. Refer to the instruction manuals of the TV as well.

  1. Connect this product to a wireless network access point.
    • If your access point does not support the WPS push button, refer to “Access point settings”.
    • If your access point supports the WPS push button, refer to “WPS Push”.
    • Step 1 can be skipped from the second time.
  2. Press the button on this product to enter the playback mode.
  3. Select - [Wireless] - [ Function] - [View on TV] - the type of image you want to transfer.
  4. Play a movie or a photo on the TV.


  • This function is not available for [ XAVC S 4K] (models with the 4K functionality) and [ XAVC S HD] movies.
  • This function is available with the DLNA player compatible TVs.
  • You can view images only on TVs that are compatible with the network function (including wired network).
  • It may take time until the images are played on the TV.
  • This function is not available when using an access point without a security setting (WEP/WPA/WPA2) to protect from prying eyes.
  • Select the access point you registered with this product when connecting your TV.
  • To enjoy viewing movies comfortably, use a wired network connection for your TV. Depending on the wireless network environment, movies may not be played smoothly.
  • Depending on the settings of the recorded movie, it may not play smoothly.