Screen display on the Event View screen

Explains items displayed on the Event View screen.

Event View screen

  1. To the MENU screen
  2. Event name
  3. To the previous event
  4. To the movie/photo recording mode
  5. Highlight Movie Maker
  6. To switch movie format (XAVC S 4K/XAVC S HD/AVCHD/MP4)

    The displayed icon differs depending on the [ File Format] setting.

  7. Events
  8. To the next event
  9. Time-line bar 
  10. To change Event Scale (approx. 3 months/1.5 years)

Index screen

  1. Event name
  2. To close the index screen
  3. To the previous event
  4. To the next event
  5. To the movie/photo recording mode
  6. Last played image
  7. Recorded time/number of photos
  8. To switch between the movie/photo playback screen (VISUAL INDEX)

    Select the image type ( MOVIE, PHOTO, MOVIE/PHOTO) you want to play.

  9. Movie
  10. Highlight Movie
  11. Photo


  • Displayed icons may differ, depending on the model.


  • Reduced-size images which enable you to view many images at the same time on an index screen are called “thumbnails.”