Saving images on an USB external hard disk device

Easily save movies and photos to external media devices such as a USB external hard disk drive.

  1. Connect this product to the external media device using a USB Adaptor Cable (sold separately).

    A: USB Adaptor Cable (sold separately)

    • Make sure not to disconnect the USB Cable while [Preparing image database file. Please wait.] is displayed on the LCD monitor.
    • If [Repair Img. DB F.] is displayed on the LCD monitor of this product, select .
  2. Select [Copy.] on the LCD monitor of this product.

    • Movies and photos that are stored on the recording media, and that have not yet been saved on to an external media device can be saved on the connected media device at this time.
    • This operation is available only when there are newly recorded images in this product.
    • To disconnect the external media device, select while either Event View or Event Index is displayed.