Parts and controls (front/top)

  1. PHOTO button
  2. Power zoom lever
  3. Multi/Micro USB Terminal

    Supports Micro USB compatible devices.

    This terminal does not support VMC-AVM1 Adaptor Cable (sold separately). You cannot use accessories via an A/V remote connector.

  4. (microphone) jack (PLUG IN POWER)
  5. Loop for a shoulder belt
  6. Grip belt
  7. (headphones) jack
  8. Multi interface shoe

    For details on compatible accessories of the Multi interface shoe, visit the Sony website in your area, or consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.

    Operations with other manufacture’s accessories are not guaranteed.

    If you use a shoe adaptor (sold separately), you can also use accessories compatible with an Active Interface Shoe.

    To prevent failure, do not use a commercially available flash with high-voltage synchro terminals or with reverse polarity.

  9. N mark

    NFC: Near Field Communication

  10. Camera recording lamp
  11. Remote sensor
  12. NIGHTSHOT light (models with the Viewfinder)
  13. Built-in microphone
  14. MANUAL ring (models with the Viewfinder)

    Manual functions can be assigned to the button and the ring.

  15. Lens (ZEISS lens)
  16. MANUAL button (models with the Viewfinder)