Formatting deletes all the movies and photos to recover recordable free space.

  1. - [Setup] - [ Media Settings] - [Format] - desired recording medium, and select .


  • Formatting may not be possible if battery is low. Charge the battery pack or change it to a charged one. It is recommended to use the AC adaptor.
  • Connect this product to a wall outlet (wall socket) using the supplied AC Adaptor for this operation.
  • To avoid the loss of important images, you should save them before formatting the recording media.
  • Protected movies and photos will also be deleted.
  • Make sure not to do the following while [Executing...] is displayed.
    • Open/Close the LCD monitor.
    • Operate buttons on this product.
    • Eject the memory card from this product.
    • Disconnect the AC Adaptor.
    • Remove the battery pack.


  • Perform [Empty] to prevent data on the internal memory from being recovered. (Models with the internal memory)