How to use the keyboard

A keyboard is displayed on the LCD monitor when text needs to be entered.

  1. Switch character types.

    Each time you touch the key, the type of character to be input switches between letters, numerals and symbols.

  2. Keyboard

    Each time you touch the key, the displayed character switches between the choices available.

    For example: If you want to enter “abd

    Select [abc], touching it once to display “a” touch - select [abc], touching it twice to display “b” - select [def] touching it once to display “d.”

  3. Space

    Enters a space.

  4. Input box

    The characters you entered are displayed. indicates the limit to text length.

  5. Move cursor

    Moves the cursor in the input box to the right or left.

  6. Delete

    Deletes the character preceding the cursor.

  7. Switches the next character to a capital or small letter.

  8. Fix

    Finalizes the entry.

To cancel text entry, select .