About Highlight Movie Maker

Highlight Movie Maker on this product creates highlight movies (MP4 format) from MP4 movies recorded simultaneously when you record movies, freeing you from complicated editing work.

To view the created highlight movies, switch this product to the playback mode and switch to [ MP4] by touching on the LCD monitor.

Highlight movies created with Highlight Movie Maker are edited to match the background music you select allowing you to share moving scenes by viewing together with your friends and family or uploading to a video sharing site.

You can create a highlight movie that suits your preference more by setting scenes to be used with Highlight Movie Maker, setting highlight points during recording, or changing the background music.

Highlight movies are saved with the date they were created on and can be played back in the same way as recorded movies.


  • To create highlight movies, you need to set [Dual Video REC] to [On] and record MP4 movies simultaneously (In the default setting, [On] is set). For details on the setting, see “ Dual Video REC .”