You can record an image with the subject magnified.

  1. Move the power zoom lever to magnify or reduce the size of the image.
    Wider range of view (Wide angle)
    Close view (Telephoto)
    • Move the power zoom lever slightly for a slower zoom. Move it further for a faster zoom.

    A: Wide angle

    B: Telephoto


  • Be sure to keep your finger on the power zoom lever. If you move your finger off the power zoom lever, the operation sound of the power zoom lever may also be recorded.
  • You cannot change the zoom speed with the W/T button on the LCD monitor.
  • The minimum possible distance between this product and subject while maintaining sharp focus is about 1 cm (about 13/32 in.) for wide angle and about 80 cm (about 31 1/2 in.) for telephoto.