Notes on use of the USB external hard disk

Read the precautions when using the USB external hard disk.


  • For this operation, you need the USB Adaptor Cable VMC-UAM2 (sold separately).
  • Connect the AC Adaptor to this product, and then connect the AC Adaptor to a wall outlet (wall socket).
  • Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the external media device.
  • You may not be able to use external media devices with a code function.
  • The file systems this product recognizes are FAT32/exFAT/NTFS. To use an external media device formatted with a file system that this product cannot recognize, format it on your computer, etc. in advance. Before formatting, make sure that you have no important data saved on the external media device as formatting will delete the data.
  • Operation is not guaranteed with all devices satisfying the operating requirements.
  • The number of scenes you can save on the external media device is as follows. However, even if the external media device has free space, you cannot save scenes exceeding the following number.
    • XAVC S movies: Max. 9,999
    • AVCHD movies: Max. 3,999
    • The total of photos and MP4 movies: Max. 40,000
  • The number of scenes may be smaller depending on the type of images recorded.
  • If this product does not recognize the external media device, try the following operations.
    • Reconnect the USB Adaptor Cable to this product.
    • If the external media device has the AC power cord (mains lead), connect it to a wall outlet (wall socket).
  • You cannot copy images from an external media device to this product.

Devices that cannot be used as an external media device

  • The following devices cannot be used as an external media device:
    • ordinary disc drive such as CD or DVD drive
    • media devices connected via a USB hub
    • media devices with a built-in USB hub
    • card reader