SteadyShot (Movie)

This product has a balanced optical SteadyShot function that allows you to reduce the camera-shake when shooting with zooming, as well as when shooting with a wide-angle shot .

  1. - [Camera/Mic] - [ Camera Settings] - [ SteadyShot] - desired setting.

Descriptions of menu items

Intelligent Active :
Records a movie using the most effective SteadyShot function on this product.
Active :
Records a movie using the effective SteadyShot function. However, images that appear on the LCD monitor become smaller because the images are trimmed.
Standard :
Reduces camera shake using the SteadyShot function in wide-angle shooting. However, camera-shake of the roll axis is not reduced.
Off ():
Does not use the SteadyShot function.


  • The angle of view will be changed after changing the settings of the [ SteadyShot] function.
  • When you set [ SteadyShot] to [Active], the zoom magnification is 40x when recording an HD movie and 30x when recording a 4K movie.
  • While using the following functions, you cannot use [Intelligent Active]. If you use the following functions while [Intelligent Active] is set, [ SteadyShot] will be switched to [Active].
    • [Smth Slw REC]
    • [Golf Shot]
    • [High Speed REC]
    • When [ File Format] is set to [ XAVC S 4K]
  • When the battery is low, the SteadyShot function stops. Change the battery pack if the remaining battery icon blinks, which is a sign that the battery needs to be changed.