Model Information

In this Help Guide, the differences in the specifications for each model are described together.

If you find the description like “Models with ... ” as below, confirm in this chapter whether the description applies to this product.

  • (models with the internal memory)
  • (1080 60i-compatible device)
  • (1080 50i-compatible device)

To confirm the model name of this product

See the bottom of this product.

A: Model name (FDR-AX43/AX43A/AX45/AX45A/AX60)

Differences in functions

Models with the internal memory: FDR-AX45/AX45A/AX60

Models with the Viewfinder: FDR-AX60

Models with the NIGHTSHOT function: FDR-AX60

Models with the Manual ring and Manual button: FDR-AX60

Models with the Shooting Mode button: FDR-AX60

1080 60i-compatible device: See the bottom of this product.

1080 50i-compatible device: See the bottom of this product.

Models with the USB IN/OUT jacks: Except models for Europe.

Models with the USB Output only jack: Models for Europe only.


  • For the following items, the descriptions are explained with the model name.
    • Parts and controls
    • Menu items
    • Expected recording time of movies
    • Expected number of recordable photos