Image Size

You can select a size for the photos you are going to shoot. The number of photos you can shoot differs, depending on the image size selected.

  1. - [Image Quality/ Size] - [ Image Size] - desired setting.
    • The image size is set according to the format selected as [ File Format].

L (16.6M) (*)

L (12.5M) (*)

M (8.3M)

M (6.2M) (*)

S (2.1M)

S (VGA) (*)

* Cannot be selected in movie recording mode. (L, if selected, will be changed to M.)


  • The image size selected with this setting is also applied to photos taken by the Dual Capture function.
  • The By Pixel Super Resolution technology is used for recording size L photos and size M photos (recorded by the Dual Capture function during AVCHD/XAVC S HD movie recording).