Parts and controls (back/bottom)

  1. Viewfinder (models with the Viewfinder)

    This product is turned on when the viewfinder is pulled out.

  2. Viewfinder lens adjustment dial (models with the Viewfinder)

    If the indications in the viewfinder appear blurred, adjust the viewfinder lens adjustment dial.

  3. START/STOP button
  4. POWER/CHG (charge) lamp
  5. DC IN jack
  6. Tripod receptacle
    For 1/4-20 UNC screws.

    Attach a tripod (sold separately: the length of the screw must be less than 5.5 mm (7/32 in.)). Depending on the specifications of the tripod, this product may not attach in the proper direction.

  7. BATT (battery) release lever
  8. Battery pack

To fasten the grip belt