Transferring movies (MP4) and photos to your smartphone or tablet

Transfer images to your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Install Imaging Edge Mobile on your smartphone.
    • If Imaging Edge Mobile is already installed in your smartphone, update the software to the latest version.
  2. Press the button on this product to enter the playback mode.
  3. On the LCD monitor of this product, select - [Wireless] - [ Function] - [Send to Smartphone] - [Select on This Device].
    • If you select [Select on Smartphone], all images stored in the internal memory of this product (models with the internal memory) or on the memory card are displayed on the smartphone screen.
  4. Select the type of image you want to transfer.

  5. Select the image you want to transfer, and add mark, and then select - .

    • The QR Code, SSID, password and device name and a password are displayed on the LCD monitor of this product. This product is now ready to be connected from your smartphone.

  6. Start Imaging Edge Mobile, select [Scan QR Code of the Camera] - [OK] - [OK], then read the QR Code displayed on the LCD monitor of this product with your smartphone or tablet.
    • Connect to this product using your smartphone.
    • For details on the connection method of your smartphone, see “Related Topic.”
  7. The images are transferred from this product to the smartphone.
    • Transferred images will be stored in Gallery/Album on an Android smartphone/tablet or Album on an iPhone/iPad.


  • You cannot transfer XAVC S movies or AVCHD movies.
  • [Send to Smartphone] is not available when MP4 movies or still images have not been saved on this product.
  • To select MP4 movies when playing back a movie, see “Playing MP4 movies (HD movie) (switching the movie format)” and switch the movie format.
  • If you want to import images recorded on a memory card, insert the memory card to this product, and then select the memory card in [Media Select] (models with the internal memory).
  • This application is not guaranteed to work on all smartphones and tablets.


  • For the latest supported OS, refer to the download page of Imaging Edge Mobile.