Using the Time-lapse Capture function

In the time-lapse capture mode, photos are taken sequentially at regular intervals.

  1. Open the LCD monitor of this product and turn the power on.
    • You can also turn on this product by pressing the (ON/STANDBY) button or by pulling out the viewfinder (for models with a viewfinder).

  2. Select [MODE] on the LCD monitor, and then select the time-lapse capture mode.

  3. Press PHOTO lightly to adjust the focus, then press it fully.
    • When the focus is adjusted properly, the AE/AF lock indicator appears on the LCD monitor.
    • The time-lapse capture will be stopped if you press the PHOTO button during time-lapse capture.


  • To save battery power, it is recommended to power the camcorder using the AC adaptor during when using the time-lapse capture mode.