Capturing a photo from a movie (models with the USB IN/OUT jacks)

You can capture images from movies recorded with this product.

  1. Select - [Photo Capture] that appears on the playback screen of a movie.

  2. Select the scene you want to capture a photo using / , and then select .

    • The image size of the photo is as follows:
      • XAVC S 4K format: [8.3 M]
      • XAVC S HD/AVCHD format: [2.1 M].

    A: Returns to the beginning of the selected movie

    B: Adjusts the capturing point with more precision


  • You cannot capture photos from a movie saved on a recording media. (models with the USB output only jack)


  • The recording date and time of captured photos are the same as the recording date and time of the movies.
  • If the movie you are capturing from has no data code, the recording date and time of the photo will be the date and time you captured from the movie.