Golf Shot

Divides 2 seconds of fast movement into frames which are then recorded as a movie and photos. You can view a series of movement when playing back, which is convenient in cases such as checking golf swing or tennis form.

  1. - [Image Quality/ Size] - [ File Format] - [ AVCHD].
  2. - [Shooting Mode] - [Golf Shot].
  3. Frame the subject in the white grid in the center of the LCD monitor, then press START/STOP right after the subject has taken a swing.

    • The moment when the largest sound is detected within the first second after START/STOP is pressed is assumed as the moment that a club hit a ball, and the period of time adjusted automatically according to the detected moment will be recorded.

    * seconds

    A: The point when you press START/STOP

    B: The sound of a club hitting the ball

    C: This product records images in this 2 second period.


  • If this product cannot detect the sound of a club hitting the ball, this product automatically sets the impact point at 0.5 second before the START/STOP button has been pressed, and records a movie in the time period between 1.5 seconds before the impact point to 0.5 second after the impact point.
  • The size of photos becomes 1,920×1,080.
  • You cannot record sound.
  • Image quality is not as good as that of normal recording.
  • When you set [ File Format] to [ XAVC S 4K] or [ XAVC S HD], this function is not available.
  • [ REC Mode] will be set to [Standard ] automatically.
  • Impact sound may be detected by the built-in microphone even when an external microphone is attached.
  • The image recorded may be noisy when this product has failed to analyze the shot properly because there may be movement in background of the recording screen. It is recommended that you record images under stable conditions (for example, using a tripod).


  • You can check your form using self-timer. Select [] / [] - [On], this product starts countdown of the timer after you press the START/STOP button. The point when the count reaches 0 is assumed as the moment of impact and motion before and after 0 is recorded.