Connecting to your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet

You can easily connect this product to your NFC-enabled Android smartphone or tablet.


  • Make sure that your smartphone is not in sleep mode and the screen is unlocked in advance.
  1. Activate the NFC function of the smartphone.
    • On an iPhone/iPad, launch Imaging Edge Mobile, and then select [Scan NFC/QR Code of the Camera] - [Scan NFC of the Camera] to activate the NFC function.
  2. Touch (N mark) of this product to (N mark) of your smartphone.
    • Make sure that (N mark) is displayed on the LCD monitor of this product.
    • Hold this product and your smartphone together and keep them still for about 1-2 seconds until Imaging Edge Mobile starts up on your smartphone.

What you can do with the NFC connection

Operations available when you touch this product to an NFC-enabled smartphone differs depending on the status of this product.

When this product is in movie/photo recording mode
[Ctrl with Smartphone] starts up.
When images are being played back on this product
[Send to Smartphone] starts up and images being played back are transferred.


  • To use the one-touch functions of this product, an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet is required.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) is an international standard for short-range wireless communication technology.
  • If the connections is not made successfully, try to connect by entering the SSID and password.