4. Selecting the front speakers

You can select the front speakers you want to operate.
Be sure to use the buttons on the receiver to perform this operation.

  1. Press SPEAKERS on the receiver repeatedly to select the front speaker system you want to operate.

The indicators on the display panel shows which set of terminals are selected.

  • SPA:
    Speakers connected to the SPEAKERS FRONT A terminals.
  • SPB (*):
    Speakers connected to the SPEAKERS SURROUND BACK/HEIGHT terminals.
  • SPA+B (*):
    Speakers connected to both the SPEAKERS FRONT A and SPEAKERS SURROUND BACK/HEIGHT terminals (parallel connection).
  • (None):
    [SPK OFF] appears on the display panel. No audio signals are output from any speaker terminals.

* To select [SPB] or [SPA+B], set the assignment for the SPEAKERS SURROUND BACK/HEIGHT terminals to [Front B] by using [Surround Back Speaker Assign] in the [Speaker Settings] menu.


  • This setting is not available when headphones are connected.
  • When you press SPEAKERS on the receiver, the [Bluetooth Mode] changes to [Receiver] automatically.