Saving the settings to a preset

  1. Select [Custom Preset] from the home menu.
  2. Press OPTIONS with a preset for which you want to edit settings from among [1: Movie], [2: Music], [3: Party] or [4: Night] selected.
  3. Select the menu you want from the options menu.
    • Edit:
      Allows you to customize and save the settings to suit your preferences.
    • Import:
      Loads the present settings of the receiver and saves those settings as a preset. [Input] and [Volume] are not saved. When [Import] is selected, steps 4 and 5 are not necessary.
  4. When [Edit] is selected in step 3 and the edit screen appears, select the items to be set by pressing / and , and then change the settings.
  5. If the check boxes on the left side of the changed settings remain unchecked, press // to select them, and then press to check the boxes.

    Settings go into effect.


  • Settings items with unchecked boxes will not be changed from the current settings when you recall the preset. Select [Edit] and then check the boxes for the setting items on the edit screen to apply those settings.


  • You can overwrite [1: Movie] with the present settings by holding down CUSTOM PRESET 1 for 3 seconds in the same way as you do when you select [Import] from the menu.
  • When you select [3: Party], Zone 2 and the HDMI zone are turned on automatically allowing you to enjoy the same music that is playing in the main zone.