Connecting devices with jacks other than HDMI jacks

Connect devices to the receiver as illustrated below.

Solid lines show recommended connections and the dashed lines show alternative connections. It is not necessary to connect all the cables.

Before connecting cables, be sure to disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead).

Audio cable (not supplied)

Video cable (not supplied)

Coaxial digital cable (not supplied)

* To connect a turntable that only has a PHONO output jack, you need to connect a phono equalizer (not supplied) between the turntable and this receiver.

To listen to the sounds from a device connected to the AUDIO IN jacks, do not connect any device to the HDMI IN, COAXIAL IN, and OPTICAL IN jacks, which are labeled with the same device name (such as SAT/CATV, VIDEO 1, TV and SA-CD/CD).


  • You can connect devices other than those indicated above to the AUDIO IN jacks (SAT/CATV, VIDEO 1, and SA-CD/CD).
  • You can rename each input so that the name can be displayed on the display panel of the receiver. For details, see “Changing the name for each input (Name).”
  • The image quality depends on the connecting jack. We recommend that you connect your devices via an HDMI connection if they have HDMI jacks.