Registering Video & TV SideView device to the receiver

You can control the receiver using Video & TV SideView from a mobile device or tablet device.

When you use Video & TV SideView for the first time, you need to register the mobile device on which Video & TV SideView is installed to the receiver.
Search for Video & TV SideView on Google Play or the App Store and download to your mobile device.

  1. Download Video & TV SideView app to your mobile device.
  2. Turn on the receiver and then connect it to the same network as your mobile device.
  3. Press HOME to return to the home menu.
  4. Turn on Video & TV SideView, and then select [Add device] and follow the screen instructions both on Video & TV SideView and the receiver.
    After registration is completed you can control the receiver using Video & TV SideView.


  • The registration can only be performed on the home menu.