Tuning to a station directly (Direct Tuning)

You can enter the frequency of a station directly.

  1. Select [Listen] - [FM TUNER] from the home menu.
  2. Press OPTIONS.

    The options menu appears.

  3. Select [Direct Tuning].
  4. Enter the frequency using ///.
    1. Press / to select a digit.
    2. Press / to change the digit.
  5. Press .


  • If the tuned frequency is invalid or out of range, [---.-- MHz] appears and then the screen returns to the current frequency.
    Make sure you have entered the right frequency. If not, repeat steps 4 and 5. If you still cannot tune to a station, the frequency may not be in use in your area.


  • The tuning scale for direct tuning is shown below:
    • USA and Canadian models:

      100 kHz

    • Other models:

      50 kHz