Using Chromecast built-in™ to enjoy audio content from a smartphone or tablet device

You can play back audio/music content selected in a Chromecast-enabled app on a mobile device by activating the Chromecast built-in function. You can also listen to the same music in multiple rooms if you register devices that support the Chromecast built-in function such as the receiver and wireless speakers located in another room, to a group in advance.
For details, refer to the following Chromecast website:

  1. Select [Listen] - [Music Service List] from the home menu.

    The music service list appears on the TV screen.

  2. Select [Chromecast built-in] to activate the function.

    Perform the settings to use Chromecast built-in on the receiver by following the on-screen instructions.
    Once the settings are configured, [Network Standby] is set to [On] automatically, and you can quickly start up the receiver from standby mode to play music (for USA, Canadian and Asia-Pacific models only).

  3. Connect the mobile device to the same network as that of the receiver.
  4. Install the Chromecast-enabled app to the mobile device.
  5. Start the Chromecast-enabled app, tap the cast button, and select [STR-DN1080 XXXXXX] (*) or group in which [STR-DN1080 XXXXXX] (*) is included.

  6. Select and play music on the Chromecast-enabled app.

    The music is played back on the receiver or on each device in the selected group.

* XXXXXX is the identification number for each unit.


  • While playing music using the Chromecast built-in function, you can only select [Multi Ch Stereo] or [2ch Stereo] by pressing 2CH/MULTI on the remote control or the receiver. You cannot select other sound fields.
  • Chromecast built-in and the Chromecast-enabled app may not be available in some countries/regions.