When the Wireless Multi-Room function is active, the sound lags behind the picture.

  • When you listen to sound from one of the following sources and watch video using the Wireless Multi-Room function, the sound is delayed in order to synchronize it with the sound output from the speakers in another location.
    • Devices connected to the HDMI IN, OPTICAL IN, COAXIAL IN, or AUDIO IN jacks
    • TVs compatible with the eARC or ARC function and connected to the HDMI OUT A (TV) jack

    If the sound lag bothers you, deactivate the synchronization with speakers in another location (*) by the following procedure.

    * If you deactivate the synchronization with other speakers, the sound and video output from the receiver will be synchronized, but the sound output from speakers in another location will be delayed.


    If sound is input from :

    1. Press OPTIONS.
      The options menu appears.
    2. Select [Multi-room Sync] - [Off].


    If sound is input from :

    1. Press AMP MENU.
      The menu is displayed on the display panel of the receiver.
    2. Press / and to select [<AUDIO>] (Audio Settings) - [M/R SYNC] - [OFF].