Listening with BLUETOOTH headphones/speakers (Pairing operation)

You can listen to audio sources playing via this receiver by using BLUETOOTH receiver (headphones/speakers).
  1. Select [Setup] - [Bluetooth Settings] from the home menu.
  2. Set [Bluetooth Mode] to [Transmitter].
    [BT TX] appears on the display panel.
  3. Turn on the BLUETOOTH function on the BLUETOOTH receiver.
  4. Select the name of the BLUETOOTH receiver from the [Device List] in the [Bluetooth Settings] menu.

    If you cannot find the name of your BLUETOOTH receiver in the list, select [Scan].

  5. Return to the home menu and select the desired input.

    The sound is output from the BLUETOOTH receiver.

  6. Adjust the volume.

    Adjust the volume level of the BLUETOOTH receiver first. If the volume level is still too low, adjust the volume level on this receiver. The volume level of this receiver cannot be controlled when BLUETOOTH receiver is connected. +/– on the remote control and MASTER VOLUME on this receiver only work for the BLUETOOTH receiver.


  • You may not be able to adjust the volume level depending on the BLUETOOTH receiver.
  • When [Bluetooth] is selected as an input, you cannot set [Bluetooth Mode] to [Transmitter].
  • You can register up to 9 sets of BLUETOOTH receiver. If a 10th set of BLUETOOTH receiver is registered, the least recently connected BLUETOOTH receiver will be replaced by the new ones.
  • This receiver can display up to 15 detected BLUETOOTH receiver in the [Device List].
  • You cannot change the sound effects or settings in the options menu while transmitting sound.
  • Some content cannot be output due to copyright protection.
  • The audio output from the BLUETOOTH receiver may be delayed compared to that from this receiver because of the characteristics of BLUETOOTH wireless technology.
  • No sound is output from the speakers or HDMI OUT jacks when BLUETOOTH receiver is successfully connected to this receiver.
  • The [Bluetooth] and Home Theatre Control functions are disabled when [Bluetooth Mode] is set to [Transmitter].
  • This receiver does not support the NFC connection with BLUETOOTH receiver.


  • You can enable or disable the reception of AAC or LDAC audio from the BLUETOOTH device.
  • You can also switch the [Bluetooth Mode] using BLUETOOTH RX/TX on the remote control.
  • If the BLUETOOTH device in step 3 is the most recently connected device, you can connect it to this receiver automatically by simply pressing BLUETOOTH RX/TX on the remote control. In this case, you do not need to perform step 4.