Notes on USB devices

  • Do not remove a USB device during operation. To avoid data corruption and damage to the USB device, turn the receiver off when removing a USB device.
  • Do not connect a USB device to the receiver through a USB hub.
  • The receiver can recognize the following files or folders in USB devices:
    • up to folders in the 9th layer (including the root folder)
    • up to 500 files/folders in a single layer
    The maximum number of files and folders may vary depending on the file and folder structure. Do not save other types of files or unnecessary folders on a USB device.
  • Compatibility with all encoding/writing software, recording devices, and recording media cannot be guaranteed. Incompatible USB devices may produce noise or interrupted audio or may not play at all.
  • Some time may be needed to start playback when:
    • the folder structure is complex.
    • the memory capacity is excessive.
  • This receiver does not necessarily support all of the functions provided in a connected USB device.
  • The playback order for the receiver may differ from the playback order of the connected USB device.
  • If a folder that has no files is selected, [No playable file in this category.] appears.
  • When playing a very long track or a track with a large file size, some operations may cause delays in playback.