Controller devices or applications on the home network cannot connect to the receiver.

  • Confirm that the network is correctly set up.
  • Your smartphone/tablet may be set to [Block] in [Home Network Access Control], or not added to the list. If the maximum number of connectable devices has been exceeded, delete unnecessary devices from the device list and then set [Auto Home Network Access Permission] to [On].
  • Server operation of the receiver is suspended if the receiver is conducting one of the following operations:
    • Playing content stored on the server (the receiver is operating as a player)
    • Updating the software
    • Displaying setting screen
  • [External Control] may be set to [Off]. Set it to [On] to allow a home automation controller to connect to the receiver.
  • When using Video & TV SideView, also see “Cannot control the receiver using a Video & TV SideView device.
  • When using SongPal, also see “Cannot control the receiver using a SongPal device.