Speaker configuration and speaker pattern settings

Select the speaker pattern according to the speaker configuration which you are using. The table below shows examples of speaker configurations and speaker pattern settings.

Speaker configuration in each zone [Surround Back Speaker Assign] (*1) [Speaker Pattern] setting
Main zone Zone 2
5.1-channel Not used - [5.1]
7.1-channel using surround back speakers Not used - [7.1]
5.1.2-channel using top middle speakers Not used - [5.1.2 (TM)]
5.1.2-channel using Dolby Atmos enabled speakers Not used - [5.1.2 (FD)]
5.1-channel with Zone 2 connection 2-channel [Off] (*2)/[Zone2] (*3) [5.1]
5.1-channel with bi-amplifier connection Not used [BI-AMP] [5.1]
5.1-channel with front B speaker connection Not used [Front B] [5.1]
2.1-channel (for enjoying Front Surround) Not used - [2.1]

*1 You can only set [Surround Back Speaker Assign] if the speaker pattern is set to a setting that does not have surround back and height/overhead speakers.

*2 For USA and Canadian models only

*3 For other models only


  • The receiver allows you to enjoy a surround-sound effect acoustically equivalent to that of up to a 7.1.2-channel speaker system when you select [Type A] or [Type B] for [SpeakerRelocation/PhantomSurroundBack] in the [Speaker Settings] menu. When setting [SpeakerRelocation/PhantomSurroundBack], perform Auto Calibration beforehand.