6. Checking Auto Calibration results

To check error codes or warning messages received in [Auto Calibration], proceed with the following steps:

If an error code appears

Check the error and perform Auto Calibration again.

  1. Select [Retry].
  2. Follow the instructions on the TV screen and then press to select [Start].

    The measurement starts in a few seconds.
    The measurement process takes approximately 30 seconds. A test tone is output from each speaker in sequence.
    When the measurement ends, a beep sounds and the screen switches.

  3. Select the item you want.
    • Save: Saves the measurement results and exits the setting process.
    • Retry: Performs the Auto Calibration again.
    • Discard: Exits the setting process without saving the measurement results.
  4. Save the measurement results.

    Select [Save] in step 3.

  5. If the Speaker Relocation/Phantom Surround Back screen appears, select the setting you want by referring to “Calibrating speaker positioning (Speaker Relocation/Phantom Surround Back).”

    Skip to step 6 if the screen does not appear in the following cases:

    • The set speaker pattern does not include surround back speakers but does include surround speakers, and [Surround Speaker Position] is set to [Front].
    • [In-Ceiling Speaker Mode] is set to [Front & Center] or [Front].
  6. Select the type of calibration you want by referring to “Selecting the Auto Calibration type (Calibration Type).”
  7. When [Do you want to activate Calibration Matching?] appears on the screen, select [Yes] or [No].
    • Yes: Expands the sweet spot for the viewing position and allows you to enjoy more natural sound by trimming the wavefront for each pair of left/right speakers.
    • No: The measurement results of the Auto Calibration function are applied directly.
  8. Select [Finish].

If a warning message appears

Check the warning message and select [OK]. For details on the warning messages, see “List of messages after Auto Calibration measurements.”


  • The measurement results may vary depending on the position of the subwoofer. However, continuing to use the receiver with that value does not cause problems.