What you can do with multi-zone features

  • Listening in two locations ― Zone 2

You can simultaneously enjoy music in another room by connecting speakers located in the other room to the SPEAKERS ZONE 2 (*1) or SPEAKERS SURROUND BACK/HEIGHT (*2) terminals. For example, you can simultaneously listen to the same music from AV devices located in the living room and kitchen, or enjoy different music in the kitchen while you watch a movie in the living room.

The volume can be adjusted separately for each room.

*1 For USA and Canadian models only

*2 For other models only


  • You can also install and use one more receiver or amplifier in Zone 2. In this case, connect the amplifier installed in Zone 2 to the AUDIO ZONE 2 OUT jacks of the receiver installed in main zone.
  • HDMI zone

You can enjoy video and audio in another room by connecting a TV or different AV receiver equipped with an HDMI input jack and located in another room to the HDMI OUT B/HDMI ZONE jack. For example, movies or music from an AV device located in the living room can be played at high quality in a bedroom.