Rear panel

USA and Canadian models

Other models

  1. HDMI IN/OUT jacks (*1)(*2)
  2. IR REMOTE IN/OUT jacks
    • You can control the receiver from a distance by connecting an IR repeater (not supplied) to the IR REMOTE IN jack.
    • You can start or stop playback of devices such as a CD player connected to the receiver by connecting an IR Blaster (not supplied) to the IR REMOTE OUT jack.
  3. Wireless LAN antenna
  4. LAN port
  5. SPEAKERS terminals
  6. ZONE 2 OUT jacks
  7. SUBWOOFER OUT jacks
  8. AUDIO IN jacks
  9. VIDEO IN/MONITOR OUT jacks (*2)
  10. FM ANTENNA terminal
  11. OPTICAL IN jacks
  12. COAXIAL IN jack

*1 All of the HDMI IN/OUT jacks on the receiver support HDCP 2.2. HDCP 2.2 is newly enhanced copyright protection technology that is used to protect content such as 4K movies.

*2 Connect a TV to the corresponding output jacks to watch video input from these jacks. For details, see “Connecting a TV.”