Using Spotify Connect to enjoy music

You can select the music on the Spotify app and play it on the receiver. To play on the receiver, you need the Spotify Premium account.

  1. Connect the mobile device by Wi-Fi to the same network as that of the receiver.
  2. Install the Spotify app to the mobile device.
  3. Start the Spotify app and log in to the Spotify Premium account.
  4. Select and start playing the music on the Spotify app.
  5. Select the connect icon on the Spotify app and select this receiver as the audio output device.

    The music is played.

Resuming the music that has played on the mobile device

Press MUSIC SERVICE on the remote control.

If you have been playing the music on the receiver using Spotify Connect, you can resume Spotify playback.


  • Set [Network Standby] to [On] in the [Network Settings] menu before using Spotify Connect. When [On] is selected, you can quickly start up the receiver from standby mode to play music (for USA, Canadian and Asia-Pacific models only).
  • The Spotify app may not be available in some countries/regions.