Power indicator

  • Green: The receiver is turned on.
  • Amber: The receiver is in standby mode, and you have set one of the following:
    • [Control for HDMI], [Bluetooth Standby] (*1), [Network Standby] (*2) or [Remote Start] (*2) is set to [On].
    • [Standby Through] is set to [On] or [Auto].
    • [Zone2 Power] or [HDMI Zone Power] is set to [On].

    The indicator turns off when the receiver is in standby mode, and the following settings are set to [Off]:

    • [Control for HDMI]
    • [Standby Through]
    • [Bluetooth Standby] (*1)
    • [Network Standby] (*2)
    • [Remote Start] (*2)
    • [Zone2 Power] and [HDMI Zone Power]

*1When [Bluetooth Standby] is activated, the indicator lights up in amber only if a device has been paired with the receiver. If no devices are paired with the receiver, the indicator turns off (for European model only).

*2 For USA, Canadian and Asia-Pacific models only.