This product is an aircraft system that realizes dynamic and stable remote photography and videography. With a full-frame mirrorless Sony Alpha camera (sold separately; hereafter, “camera”) equipped, you can capture high-quality images in aerial photography and videography.

Sony is not liable or responsible for any experience, including but not limited to videography, photography, content, income, fees, and/or other compensation associated with or related to the use and/or misuse of the aircraft, its parts, and/or accessories including hardware and software.


Agile flying performance and control that unleashes the potential of cameras

Capture impressive, dynamic images from an agile aircraft with intuitive control.

Expands possibilities in aerial photography

Stable flight even in strong wind or where GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) signals are weak or unavailable. Multi-directional sensors assist in obstacle detection and braking.

Streamlines workflows with automation

Create sophisticated flight plans with the web app “Airpeak Base.” Besides automated flights based on flight plans, you can use past flight logs to automatically fly the same routes you have flown.

System configuration

This product consists of the following:


A camera can be mounted using a 3-axis gimbal (sold separately; hereafter, “gimbal”)

Remote controller/dedicated mobile app “Airpeak Flight”

Install the “Airpeak Flight” App to your mobile device (tablet or smartphone) and attach your mobile device to the remote controller. After completing the process of linking the remote controller and aircraft, you can operate the aircraft, gimbal, and camera (the latter two both sold separately). On the “Airpeak Flight” App screen, you can check the flight distance and battery level, perform various operations, and change settings.

This data and information is synchronized between the “Airpeak Base” and “Airpeak Flight” Apps while your mobile device is connected to the cloud.

Dedicated web app “Airpeak Base”

“Airpeak Base” is a dedicated cloud-based web application that can be used on a computer or iPad to manage devices, plan flights, and view flight logs.

Web app “Airpeak Base”-ready computer or iPad:

Manage the devices, plan flights, and view flight logs.


Mobile app “Airpeak Flight”-ready remote controller:

Control the aircraft and a gimbal/camera (both sold separately).


Equip with a camera (sold separately) on the aircraft using a gimbal (sold separately).


  • “Airpeak Flight,” “Airpeak Base,” “Airpeak Plus,” and any other Airpeak or third-party network services, content, operating systems, or software are subject to terms and conditions and may be changed, interrupted, or discontinued at any time. Fees, registration, and credit card information may also be required.
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