Features of the “Airpeak Flight” App

“Airpeak Flight” is an application that allows you to manage the operations and settings of the aircraft, remote controller, and camera (sold separately) in an integrated way.

It supports a wide range of operations, from checking the status of the aircraft such as the flight distance and remaining battery power to changing the settings of the camera in the sky. In addition to manual flight, automatic flight can also be set. During a mission flight, you can check the flight path, execute the mission, and check the status of the aircraft and other devices in flight with this app.

The display examples in this Help Guide are for when using a tablet device.

Screen flow of the “Airpeak Flight” App

Illustration showing the screen flow of the “Airpeak Flight” App. You can move from the App Home page to the flight screen and from the flight screen to the setting menu.

App Home page

This page is displayed when you start the app. When you launch the app for the first time, the initial setup screens are displayed before the App Home page is displayed.

Flight screen

You can perform the flight and shooting operations. The items displayed on the screen change depending on the usage conditions and settings.

Setting menu

You can configure the aircraft, remote controller, camera, gimbal, and “Airpeak Flight” App.

App Home page

Illustration showing the items displayed on the “Airpeak Flight” App Home page

  1. [Airpeak Base]

    Tap to launch the “Airpeak Base” App in your browser.

  2. Account icon

    Check the account information for sign-in from the menu displayed by tapping this icon.

  3. Update notifications

    Notify when updates to the system software, airspace database system, etc. are required before flight.

  4. Connection status of the devices

    Displays the connection status of the aircraft and remote controller.

  5. Project information

    Displays the project name and flight location of the selected project. The project selection screen appears when you tap on the information.

  6. [Start flight]

    Tap to display the flight screen. [Show flight screen] is displayed instead in cases such as when the aircraft, remote controller, or “Airpeak Flight” App is not connected.