Flying the aircraft instantly using a flight log (automated flight)

By using the repeat flight function, you can instantly fly the aircraft along the same route you have flown once without the cloud cooperation. Although it is not possible to share missions by exporting or importing but the repeat flight function is suitable when you want the aircraft to fly the same flight path again without any hassle.

  1. Start the “Airpeak Flight” App.
  2. Turn on the aircraft and place it on a flat surface.
  3. Tap [Start flight] on the “Airpeak Flight” App Home page.
    The flight screen will be displayed.
  4. Tap (Automated flight menu).
  5. In the [Flight functions] menu, tap [Direct Repeat Flight].
  6. Tap the desired flight log for repeat flight in the flight log list.
    A map that shows the flight path of the selected flight log will be displayed on the screen.
  7. In the [Edit flight path] menu, check the flight path, edit it if necessary, and then tap [Next].
  8. In the [Flight settings] menu, select the desired setting values, and then tap [Next].
    A preflight check will be performed. If errors are detected, fix them.
  9. Tap [Start flight] and follow the on-screen instructions to operate the aircraft.

    The aircraft will start the automated flight. If there is some distance to the starting point of the flight path, the aircraft will fly automatically to the starting point (preparation flight). Make fine adjustments to the flight path or pause/stop the flight if necessary.

    When the aircraft reaches the end point, it will hover or perform RTH (Return to Home) depending on the settings.

Pausing an automated flight

If you press the (Automated flight pause) button on the remote controller during an automated flight, the automated flight will be paused and the aircraft will hover. Horizontal movement/turning/ascending/descending/stop operations can be performed while paused. To resume automated flight, tap (Automated flight start) on the flight screen of the “Airpeak Flight” App.

Switching to a manual flight

Tap [Cancel] () on the flight screen of the “Airpeak Flight” App during the automated flight to stop the automated flight. The aircraft will hover.

Adjusting the flight path manually

You can make fine adjustments to the flight path with the control sticks on the remote controller during an automated flight. The flight path will move in parallel in the direction in which the control stick is operated.