Calibrating the sensors of the aircraft

Adjust any misalignment of the sensors mounted on the aircraft so that the aircraft can fly in a stable manner. Each sensor functions as follows.

  • Compass: Detects the earth's magnetism and measures the direction so that the aircraft can be kept in the correct orientation.
  • IMU (*1): Measures the inclination and acceleration/deceleration of the aircraft.
  • Stereo camera: Multiple cameras capture objects three-dimensionally and assess the distances to the objects and their moving speeds.

*1 IMU: Inertial Measurement Unit

  1. Tap [Start flight] on the “Airpeak Flight” App Home page.
    The flight screen will be displayed.
  2. Tap (Settings) in the top right of the screen.
  3. Tap [Aircraft] in the displayed setting menu.
  4. Tap [Sensors/Radio].
  5. Tap [Compass], [IMU], or [Stereo camera].
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the calibration.