Viewing flight logs

The “Airpeak Base” App allows you to check flight logs uploaded to the cloud from the “Airpeak Flight” App.

  1. Click on [Logbook] on the “Airpeak Base” App Home page.
  2. Click on the desired flight log in the flight log list.
    The flight log screen will be displayed.

Flight log screen

Illustration showing the items displayed on the flight log screen

  1. (Back)

  2. Flight log list

    Click to display the flight log screen.

  3. Flight log name

  4. Flight log information (Flight location/flight date and time)

  5. Map

    The flight path is indicated as a line. The icons on the map represent the following information.

    • (Home Point)
    • (Start or end location of video recording)
    • (Photographed location)
    • (Aircraft position)
  6. [Export]

    Click to save the flight log as a ULOG, EPS or CSV file.

    • ULOG: Format for reimporting as a flight log to the “Airpeak Base” App
    • ESP: Format for checking the flight path using services from other companies
    • CSV: Format for using the flight log in other companies’ services.
  7. [Convert]

    Click to convert the flight log to a mission.

  8. Thumbnails of images from the FPV gimbal camera

  9. Right panel

    • Warnings: Click to display details.
    • [Devices]: Click to display the list of devices used for the flight.
    • [Project]: Click to display project information.
    • [Meteorological info]: Click to display the meteorological info during the flight.
    • [Description]: Click to edit.
  10. Flight log details panel (Top)

    • (Show) / (Hide): Click to show/hide the flight log details panel.
    • [Distance]: Click to display the flight distance recorded in the flight log.
    • (Zoom in map): Click to zoom in on the map.
    • (Zoom out map): Click to zoom out on the map.
    • (Select map layers): Click to select information to overlay on the map.
  11. Flight log details panel (Bottom)

    The aircraft's position, speed, etc. is displayed.

  12. Timeline panel (Playback operation buttons)

    Click to play back the flight log.

    • (Go to beginning)
    • (Play) / (Pause)
    • (Go to end)
    • (Turn on repeat playback) / (Turn off repeat playback)
    • ×1 (Playback speed)
  13. Timeline panel (Timeline display)

    • Elapsed time/flight duration
    • Timeline bar: Drag the slider to move the playback point.