Attaching a mobile device to the remote controller

On the remote controller, mount the mobile device (tablet or smartphone) on which you have installed the “Airpeak Flight” App.

  1. Raise the lever () on the back and extend the mobile device holder ().

  2. Place the mobile device on the mobile device holder and adjust the holder height.

  3. Lower the lever () to secure the mobile device.

  4. Stabilize the mobile device holder. Tighten the screw () at the base of the holder by turning it with a coin or tool.

  5. Connect the cable included with your mobile device to the remote controller USB port (USB-A) () and the mobile device port.

    If your mobile device did not come with a cable, use another compatible cable.

To mount a smartphone

Raise the smartphone holder () in the middle of the mobile device holder, and then mount the smartphone.


  • Mobile devices may fall off unless they are correctly secured with the lever.