Configuring the gimbal settings

You can configure settings related to the gimbal's movement.

  1. Tap [Start flight] on the “Airpeak Flight” App Home page.
    The flight screen will be displayed.
  2. Tap (Settings) in the top right of the screen.
  3. Tap [Gimbal] in the displayed setting menu.
  4. Tap [Main control].
  5. Set the following items.
    • [Gimbal control mode]:
      • [Lock]: The camera orientation (shooting direction) will remain the same even if the aircraft turns.
      • [Follow]: The camera orientation (shooting direction) follows the panning (left/right) movement of the aircraft.
    • Maximum speed (Pan/Tilt/Roll): You can set the maximum speed of movement along each axis.
    • Smoothness (Pan/Tilt/Roll): You can set the smoothness of movement along each axis.
    • EXPO (Pan/Tilt): You can set the amount of movement along each axis with respect to the input from the control sticks on the remote controller.
    • Deadzone: You can set the no-response range for the control sticks to prevent false reactions when the control sticks are not operated.


    • When [Operation mode] is set to [Single], the main controller’s pan/tilt EXP setting is reflected in the control levers.
    • When [Operation mode] is set to [Single], [Deadzone] is fixed at 15%.