Cautions when using the remote controller

  • When using the remote controller to fly an aircraft, turn off the Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® functions of the tablet or other mobile device mounted on the remote controller.

  • Take care not to cover the parts containing the built-in antennas (a) with your hand, cables, or other objects.

    Illustration showing the location of the built-in antennas

  • Point the handle bar (with built-in antenna) (b) of the remote controller toward the aircraft as shown in the illustrations below.

    Illustration showing the location of the handle bar

    (b) Handle bar (with built-in antenna)

  • If you do not operate the remote controller for 5 minutes while it is turned on, an alarm will go off. After another minute, the remote controller will automatically go into a standby state. You can stop the alarm by performing an operation such as moving the control stick, pressing a button, etc.

  • If you notice any damage to the remote controller antenna, contact Sony Customer Support. It may not be possible to operate the aircraft.

  • You need to link the remote controller and aircraft when you replace the remote controller or are using a new one.

  • When you turn off this product, be sure to turn off the aircraft first and then the remote controller. If you turn off the remote controller while the aircraft is still turned on, you will not be able to operate the aircraft in case it moves accidentally. If this happens, it may cause an accident or damage to the aircraft.


  • If wireless communication is disrupted, try turning off Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, or other wireless communication functions on your surrounding computers or smartphone.