Turning the power on

Turn on the camcorder.

  1. Open the LCD monitor of the camcorder and turn the power on.
    • You can also turn on the camcorder by pressing (On/Standby) button.

To turn off the power

Close the LCD monitor.

If the viewfinder is pulled out, retract the viewfinder as shown in the illustration below.

  • You can also turn off the camcorder by pressing (On/Standby) button.

Turning the camcorder on or off

The power of the camcorder is turned on or off depending on the status of the LCD monitor or the viewfinder.

LCD monitor: Open
Power on, regardless of the viewfinder status (retracted or pulled out)
LCD monitor: Closed
Power off, when viewfinder is retracted
Power on, when viewfinder is pulled out


  • Even if the LCD monitor is closed, if the viewfinder is pulled out, the camcorder is not turned off. When you turn off the power of the camcorder, make sure that the viewfinder is retracted to the original position.
  • If warning messages appear on the LCD monitor, follow the instructions.
  • When recording movies or when connected to another device via USB, the camcorder does not turn off even if the LCD monitor is closed and the viewfinder is returned to its original position.
  • We recommend turning the camcorder off frequently by closing the LCD monitor or retracting the viewfinder to prevent consumption of the battery.