You can set the upper limit for the ISO sensitivity when adjusting it automatically.

In Photo mode, only ISO appears.

You can use this function during Movie mode when [ISO/GAIN SEL] is set to [ISO].

  1. MENU button - (CAMERA SET) - [AUTO ISO LIMIT].

Descriptions of menu items

OFF, ISO200ISO4000:

Select the upper limit for the ISO sensitivity.
The upper limit is not set when selecting [OFF].


  • This setting is not effective when adjusting the ISO sensitivity manually.
  • When selecting picture profile1 through 10, the selectable range of AUTO ISO LIMIT depends on the [GAMMA] setting in [PICTURE PROFILE] as follows.
    • STANDARD: ISO200–ISO4000
    • STILL: ISO200–ISO5000
    • CINE1: ISO250–ISO5000
    • CINE2: ISO200–ISO4000
    • CINE3: ISO320–ISO6400
    • CINE4: ISO400–ISO8000
    • ITU709: ISO200–ISO4000
    • ITU709(800%): ISO1600–ISO32000
    • S-LOG2: ISO1600–ISO32000
    • S-LOG3: ISO1600–ISO32000
    • HLG: ISO400–ISO8000
    • HLG1: ISO200–ISO4000
    • HLG2: ISO320–ISO6400
    • HLG3: ISO400–ISO8000