On use and care

On recording

  • Before starting to record, test the recording function to make sure the image and sound are recorded without any problems.
  • Compensation for the contents of recordings cannot be provided, even if recording or playback is not possible due to a malfunction of the camcorder, memory card, etc.
  • TV color systems differ depending on the country/region. To view your recordings on a TV, you need a TV that supports the signal format for the camcorder.
  • Television programs, films, video tapes, and other materials may be copyrighted. Unauthorized recording of such materials may be contrary to the copyright laws.

LCD monitor

  • The LCD monitor is manufactured using extremely high-precision technology, so over 99.99% of the pixels are operational for effective use. However, there may be some tiny black points and/or bright points (white, red, blue, or green in color) that appear constantly on the LCD monitor. These points are normal results of the manufacturing process and do not affect the shooting in any way.

    A: White, red, blue or green points

    B: Black points

About this Help Guide, illustrations and on-screen displays

  • The example images used in this Help Guide for illustration purposes are captured using a digital still camera, and therefore may appear different from images and screen indicators that actually appear on the camcorder. And, the illustrations of the camcorder and its screen indication are exaggerated or simplified for understandability.
  • Design and specifications of the camcorder and accessories are subject to change without notice.
  • In this Help Guide, DVD discs recorded with high definition image quality (HD) are called AVCHD disc.

On use and storage place

  • The camcorder is not dustproofed, dripproofed or waterproofed.
  • Do not hold the camcorder by the following parts, and also do not hold the camcorder by the jack covers.

    A: Lens hood

    B: LCD monitor

    C: Viewfinder

  • Do not aim the camcorder at the sun. Doing so might cause the camcorder to malfunction. Take images of the sun only in low light conditions, such as at dusk.
  • Do not use or store the camcorder and accessories in the following locations:
    • Anywhere extremely hot, cold or humid.
      Never leave them exposed to temperatures above 60˚C (140°F), such as under direct sunlight, near heaters or in a car parked in the sun.
      They may malfunction or become deformed.
    • Near strong magnetic fields or mechanical vibration.
      The camcorder may malfunction.
    • Near strong radio waves or radiation.
      The camcorder may not be able to record properly.
    • Near tuner devices such as TVs or radio.
      Noise may occur.
    • On a sandy beach or anywhere dusty.
      If sand or dust gets in the camcorder, it may malfunction. Sometimes this malfunction cannot be repaired.
    • Near windows or outdoors, where the LCD monitor, the viewfinder, or the lens may be exposed to direct sunlight.
      This damages the inside of the LCD monitor or the viewfinder.

When not using the camcorder for a long time

  • To keep the camcorder in optimum state for a long time, turn it on and let it run by recording and playing back images about once a month.
  • Use up the battery pack completely before storing it.

Note on the camcorder/battery pack temperature

  • When the temperature of the camcorder or battery pack becomes extremely high or extremely low, you may not be able to record or play back on the camcorder, due to the protection features of the camcorder being activated in such situations. In this case, a message appears on the LCD monitor or the viewfinder.

LCD monitor

  • Do not apply excessive pressure on the LCD monitor, as it may cause uneven color and other damage.
  • If the camcorder is used in a cold place, a residual image may appear on the LCD monitor. This is not a malfunction.
  • While using the camcorder, the back of the LCD monitor may heat up. This is normal.

Multi interface shoe

  • When using a dedicated microphone or portable speaker, their power turns on or off according to the power of the camcorder.
  • For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the accessories.
  • To attach an accessory, insert and fix the accessory to the Multi interface shoe by holding it down and sliding forward until it stops. To remove the accessory, hold it down and slide it back.
  • When you are recording movies with an external flash (sold separately) connected to the Multi interface shoe, turn off the power of the external flash to prevent charging noise from being recorded.
  • When an external microphone (sold separately) is connected, it takes priority over the built-in microphone.

ZEISS lens

  • The camcorder is equipped with a ZEISS lens, which was developed jointly by ZEISS, in Germany, and Sony Corporation, and produces superior images. It adopts the MTF(*) measurement system for video cameras and offers a quality typical of a ZEISS lens.
  • Also, the lens for the camcorder is T*-coated to suppress unwanted reflections and faithfully reproduce colors.

*MTF= Modulation Transfer Function. The number value indicates the amount of light from a subject coming into the lens.

On the pre-installed rechargeable battery

  • The camcorder has a pre-installed rechargeable battery to retain the date, time, and other settings even when the LCD monitor is closed. The pre-installed rechargeable battery is always charged while the camcorder is connected to a wall outlet (wall socket) via the AC Adaptor or while the battery pack is inserted. The rechargeable battery will be fully discharged in about 2 months if you do not use the camcorder at all. Charge the pre-installed rechargeable battery before you start using the camcorder. However, even if the pre-installed rechargeable battery is not charged, the camcorder operation other than date recording will not be affected.
    How to charge the pre-installed rechargeable battery
    Connect the camcorder to a wall outlet (wall socket) using the supplied AC Adaptor, or attach the fully-charged battery pack and leave it with the LCD monitor closed for more than 24 hours.