You can select the time code recording method when (OTHERS) - [60i/50i SEL] is set to [60i] (Movie mode only).
When selecting [50i], this setting is fixed to [NDF].

  1. MENU button - (TC/UB SET) - [TC FORMAT].

Descriptions of menu items


Records the time code in drop frame.


Records the time code in non-drop frame.

About drop frame

Time code is based on 30 frames per second; however, gaps in the actual time occur during extended periods of recording as the actual frame frequency of NTSC image signal is 29.97 frames per second. Drop frame corrects this gap to make time code and actual time equal.
In drop frame, the first 2 frame numbers are removed every minute except in every tenth minute. Time code without this correction is called non-drop frame.


  • This setting is fixed to [NDF] when [REC FORMAT] is set to the setting value whose frame rate is 24p even if [60i] is selected in [60i/50i SEL].