Focusing on a detected face (FACE DETECTION)

The camcorder detects the face and focuses on it (the default setting is [ON]). This function is available only with auto focus.

A: MENU button

B: ////SET button

  1. Press the MENU button.
  2. Select (CAMERA SET) - [FACE DETECTION] - [ON] with the////SET button.
    • When the faces are detected, frames(*) appear.

      *When the faces are detected, gray face-detection frames appear. When the camcorder is in the status to be able to perform autofocus, the frame turns white. When [PHASE AF FRAMES] is set to [ON ], or you press the PHOTO button halfway and the face is in focus, the frame turns green.

  3. Move the selection cursor (orange underline) to select the priority face with the////SET button, then press the button to enter.

    A: Selection cursor (orange colored frame)

    B: Priority face frame (double frame)
    The frame on the priority face changes to a double frame.

To cancel the priority face

Move the selection cursor (orange underline) to the frame (double frame) on the priority face with the////SET button, then press it.


  • Faces may not be detected or the proper effect may not be obtained depending on the recording environment, the condition of the subject or the settings. If this happens, set [FACE DETECTION] to [OFF].
  • When [LOCK-ON AF] is set to [ON], the selection cursor does not appear and you cannot select priority face.
  • The face detection function is disabled when using digital zoom, clear image zoom or NIGHTSHOT.


  • Faces within the area that is set on [FOCUS AREA] are detected and focused.
  • The focus area frame does not appear when [FOCUS AREA] is set to [WIDE] and [FACE DETECTION] is set to [ON].
  • You can assign this function to an ASSIGN button.
  • To make it easy to detect faces, record under the following conditions.
    • Record in a moderately bright place
    • Do not obscure the face with a hat, mask, sunglasses, etc.
    • Face the front of the camera